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CoDA Meeting Number: WW026


    Day: Mon
    Length: 1 hour, bus. meeting
    Start: 1:30 PM
    Language: English(Ingles)
    Type: OnLine Meeting
    Category: SKYPE meeting: talk/video online for free, Closed, Book Study



Meeting is Monday @ 1:30 PM (EST), 5:30 PM (GMT) To sign up for SKYPE go to: SKYPE Name for Meeting: WW026Group To add yourself to the CoDA WW026 group at Skype search for the SKYPE name as a contact and ask to be added to their contact list, in the message box when making the request to be added as a contact please explain that you are a codependent, or why you want to join the group. Thank you.






Primary Contact

Skype KLS


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