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CoDA Meeting Number: WW036


    Day: thu
    Length: 1 hour approx.
    Start: 9:00 PM
    Language: English(Ingles)
    Type: OnLine Meeting
    Category: Open


DISBANDED Meeting is Eastern Standard Time This is a Coda’s Green Workbook meeting We discuss a Step one week and a Tradition the next week. All are welcome to join in at any time. The following is how to request a free account to join the message boards and chat room: 1. Go to and click the "Forums and Chat" link in in the top red menu bar. 2. Please read through the Chat Room Guidelines. 3. Click the "Online CoDA Message Board" link near the top of the page. 4. At the top right of the new page is the tab "Register", among other tabs. Click "Register" and follow enter the required information. 5. Check to make sure your information is accurate. Submit the registration request. 6. You should soon receive an email, to the address you provided, requesting you confirm the address. 7. After the address is confirmed, you will receive another email, usually within a day or two, from one of our moderators notifying you your account has been activated (the Onlinecoda website is "staffed" by volunteers as they are available; we appreciate your patience as we work to complete the process). NOTE - If you do not receive either of the emails mentioned in steps 6 and 7, please check your spam folder. The registration process uses the 'bcc' (blind carbon copy) field to protect your email address from theft and the messages are sometimes diverted. There are thousands of posts on the message boards waiting for you and a ton of support to encourage you on this journey. For additional questions contact






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