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CoDA Meeting Number: WW134


    Day: sun
    Length: 1 hour
    Start: 3:30 PM
    Language: English(Ingles)
    Type: Phone Meeting
    Category: Open


PHONE +1 (712) 770-4160, Access PIN: 475271#

THE ABOVE LISTED PHONE NUMBER FOR THIS MEETING updated: 11/17/16 Members recieve a weekly assignment from the CoDA Book or Workbook on the current step being studied. Committed members share their assignment (the only focus of this group.)If time allows, the line opens to other listeners who wish to share on this same focus. Anyone wishing to work the steps in this way may join us. Our group reflects the suggestion on the bottom of page (98) of the CoDA Book."This group consists of people who make a commitment to work on the Twelve Steps together."






Primary Contact

kaga; email:

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