Please use this form only if you are registering a new group. To update an existing meeting, CLICK HERE, search for the meeting ID, Click to the meeting and use the link update this meeting under the map. You may also download these forms -- meeting update || meeting registration - email to Meeting Information


Last Updated: 23-Jan-20


Meeting Contacts




By submitting this request you certify that you are a contact, local meeting coordinator, or intergroup representative (i.e. someone that has knowledge of the meeting!)


When you enter a proper email address in the "Submitter's Email Address" box, and click the "submit" button, your information will be sent via email to our Fellowship Services worker who does the actual edit to the database. By filling in this form, you do not actually edit the database!

If you do not type a proper email, you will get an alert that you have input an improper email. Change your email address appropiately and resubmit.

After several tries, if you still are not able to submit your info, send an email to "" stating the problem you are having and request the changes in the body of the email. Please give your meeting number when sending an email to "". This will speed up the update process!

After clicking on submit button, you will receive a notification message that your edits have been sent to "" Within several days you will receive notification from our Fellowship Services worker that your edits have been updated in the database. If you do not get this last message, then something went wrong and you should resubmit your data.


Type in the code you see below and click Submit Meeting.

If you see errors to this information please contact :