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ID Name Day Time Facility
WW081 WOMEN ONLY ONLINE VIDEO CoDA PATTERNS OF RECOVERY (Pacific time) thu 7:30 PM ET Email: to be emailed a link
ww078 unidos en armonia -- 8:00 PM ET por medio de skype
WW173 UK Timezone 7PM wed 2:00 PM ET Wednesdays 7pm UK time ( 2pm Eastern US )
WW007 Strength4Us (S4U) -- 12:00 PM ET Email:
WW159 Osvobozhdenie (Relief) -- 1:00 PM ET
WW172 Online CoDA Meeting tue 6:45 PM ET Virtual On Line ZOOM Meeting Room
WW163 ONLINE CoDA tue 8:00 PM ET
WW035 ONLINE CoDA wed 9:00 PM ET
WW036 ONLINE CoDA thu 9:00 PM ET
WW001 Online CoDA sun 8:00 PM ET

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